Ghost Kernel

Capri 2.0 released 2015/03/11, 16:00:00

The new version of the Capri script, the build system of the Ghost project, is now released on This release contains a rewrite of the parser, interpreter and command line interface.

It has support for native functionality loaded from shared libraries, has a more flexible native binding and is more portable than the previous version. Feel free to ask any questions and report bugs to me.


GhostAPI goes C-style 2015/01/22, 15:00:00

Back to development, I came to the conclusion that it is a better solution to have the basic Ghost system functions (system calls etc.) that reside in the GhostAPI as plain C functions. This makes it more compatible and, well, C++ is not needed here.

This are at the moment ~60 functions, the previous ghost::SystemCalls interface is now deprecated. More details follow. Oh and, happy new year. :)


Merry christmas! 2014/12/11, 13:32:05

It's christmas time! Best time to implement some standard C functions. I'm doing some work to improve the window manager performance, and also fix some IPC stuff. But don't expect too much before christmas, its chill-time. :D

Currently I'm also implementing a terminal application, so you can run commands, maybe also Capri scripts soon.


First public demo release 2014/11/14, 15:30:41

The time has come! :)

I'm glad to announce the first demo release of Ghost. It demonstrates the boot process and the user interface. You can get the .iso from the downloads section! It's not a performance beast, but shows off what Ghost is capable of by now.

Here's a little video:


Forking and copy-on-write 2014/11/14, 15:28:15

To (get the possibility to) port some Unix programs to Ghost, the kernel now supports fork(). This also led to extending the physical memory management a little to keep reference counts for pages that are shared between processes. There is now also copy-on-write for physical pages within the image and heap area of a process.