Ghost Kernel

What's going on? 2018/04/17, 12:14:39

As you might have noticed, I've not been very active in the project within the last months. The main cause for this is that I've moved to a different city and got a new job and I was really quite busy.

Another reason is that I'm currently playing with the thought of starting a new kernel project in which I want to clean up a lot of the things that inevitably go wrong in such a big project. There are some smaller issues but there are also a few design flaws that I can't easily fix on the existing code base. The new project will incorporate a lot of the existing stuff for sure.

Once I've got all my thoughts together and know where this will be going, I will post an update here. If you have any suggestions of stuff that you would like to see in the new project, feel free to leave some comments!

The work on MeetixOS, the OS based off the current kernel is still continued by Marco. Check his page for updates meanwhile!


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  • Martin Vahi 2018/12/08, 02:28:52

    As of the writing of this comment I do not know practically anything about the Ghost operating system. I was looking for an answer about the HISTORY of operating systems and found this page through a link at the Wikipedia. The reason, why I'm commenting anything at all at this page right now is that I read that You are planning for a new version and thinking about a new architecture of the new version and I believe that You may save a considerable amount of trouble, if You take a look at the presentation of an "AntiKernel" operating system at

    The AntiKernel is NOT my project, but I have gathered all related material about it to my wiki

    The core idea behind the AntiKernel is that the microkernel is implemented directly at hardware, which can be an FPGA based system and this eliminates all "Operating System software overhead".

    Thank You for reading my comment.

  • Hamidreza 2018/07/29, 01:34:09

    Hello Max

    Please send a link from the new project or git.


  • ane 2018/06/12, 23:18:10

    Hello max, how is everything, did you start with the new kernel? , I like the way Ghost is code and now I belive Im going to start to write something with purpose of learn about the topics, as you may know is so interesting, I know a litle bit where to start( ), but could you recommend about it, what to read and so.? thank you in advance.

    • Max 2018/12/03, 15:45:41

      Hey ane, fine so far, I did not really start implementing anything for a new project. I'm not really sure which direction I want to go with a possible successor to this project, but I will keep this page posted with updates once I have more ideas.

      OSDev is definitely a great place to start. It's hard to recommend where to start though, depending on the field you want to continue in, you have to look for different lecture. Standards & official documents can often be quite helpful, too. Good luck!

  • Hamidreza 2018/01/30, 22:08:46

    Hello Max

    Please check the meltdown and spectre problem for x86 processor in the new project.


    • Max 2018/02/15, 11:00:46

      Hello Hamidreza,

      that's actually an interesting topic, because it must be considered when designing the memory management. I'll think about using an alternative for the classic memory model right from the start.