Ghost Kernel

VFS uses shared memory 2014/08/20, 15:51:25

The virtual filesystem is a central application that handles any file-related requests from other applications. It registers itself at the port distributor using the name "vfs".

Absolute paths to files on any device are formatted in the way deviceIdentifier://path/to/file. I decided for this style because I neither like the idea of mountpoints, nor the drive-letter stuff that Windows does. This makes it very clear which device you access using an absolute path, like cdrom0://docs/hello.txt would lead you a file which is then loaded by the VFS by for example contacting the responsible ATA driver. Currently there is an implementation for reading files from the ramdisk, using "ramdisk" as the device identifier.

Data was previously transferred using streams, but now is implemented via shared memory. This allows much higher transfer rates and better performance in general. Detailed information will be added to the documentation pages.