Ghost Kernel

VFS in kernel & Unix pipes 2015/03/31, 16:00:00

Phew, that was quite a piece of work. I've finally decided to move the virtual filesystem to kernel space. The drivers still run in userspace and communicate with the kernel through messages & mapped areas. Performance is good so far, but there are still quite some improvements to do.

Filesystem paths

I moved away from the prefix:// style of filesystem paths. A single root seems much more convenient and clean. Currently all mountpoints exist in the root.

Unix pipes

The kernel now also supports unix pipes, which are used for standard input/output of programs, the communication of programs with the old window manager and probably also for other things like mouse/keyboard event transfer from the driver to programs (terminal/window manager).


I also improved the terminal of Ghost when run in headless mode. You can now create multiple terminals and switch between them using Ctrl + Tab.