Ghost Kernel

Version 0.5.3 - Demo image, Cairo rendering, new tools, documentation 2016/05/13, 15:05:32

This release contains a whole bunch of new features and improvements. The window server rendering backend has been completely rewritten and now uses the cairo graphics library. Overall stability has been improved with various changes to the kernel.

Try it out yourself! Get the demo image.

The new sources are available on GitHub. I started writing a documentation that is in the repository too and be compiled using ASCIIDoc, for those who are interested in technical details of the kernel.


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  • LukaAndjelkovic 2016/05/14, 09:02:50

    Hi, i got a problem:

    It's in VirtualBox

    I enabled Input/Output Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller and given it 128MB memory since it do not work on less than 128MB

    After it gets to the console, after exactly 1 second it halts.

    This is probally PIC or PIT problem.

    • LukaAndjelkovic 2016/05/14, 09:07:00

      One small update : If i enable Hardware Clock in UTC time it runs perfectly.

    • Max 2016/05/14, 10:57:54

      Hello Luka, sorry to say but I can't reproduce the issue. It's true that some memory (at least 128MB) is needed, as the ramdisk is loaded into memory. For me it works with both modes for the hardware clock though!