Ghost Kernel

Terminal VT100 support, separate shell implementation 2017/01/14, 11:30:08

Happy new year to all of you! :)

I rewrote the terminal driver so that it now uses VT100 for output. With this it is now possible that applications can control their terminal window by sending escaped commands.

This also allowed me to finally separate the shell implementation from the terminal itself (it was basically a "built-in shell" before). The shell is now found in gosh - the Ghost shell. This shell is still work-in-progress but will soon be enriched with various features.

What you see in the screenshot is a little demo - I ported the Duktape JavaScript interpreter and made it run a script. I'm thinking about using this as a replacement for what bash/sh usually do, but this is just an idea for now.


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  • Marco Cicognani 2017/01/21, 06:31:25

    Hello Max!

    I succesfully compiled js, thank for update.

    I have another question: when do you update the demo iso in download section?

    • Max 2017/01/23, 06:56:52

      Hey Marco,

      niec to hear that! I only update that ISO when there are major new things to show & the system is more or less stable. It will take some work to get the new terminal running properly, then maybe I'll probably make the next release ;-)

  • Marco Cicognani 2017/01/17, 08:10:15

    Hy Max!

    How can i compile js interpreter? Using custom ghost compiler with build script cannot compile :-(

    • Max 2017/01/18, 06:58:38

      Hello Marco!

      Oh, I guess the sources that are on GitHub have an error. Do the other applications build? I will push the new sources ASAP!


    • Max 2017/01/18, 07:42:06

      New sources version 0.5.5 are up on GitHub, you can try building again and tell me if it worked :)

  • Hamidreza 2017/01/15, 03:56:50


    This is great

    • Hamidreza 2017/01/15, 15:16:39

      what time is ready ghost kernel new version ?


    • Max 2017/01/16, 02:26:14

      Hello Hamidreza,

      I don't know yet when I'll make a new release. Stay tuned and look on the website from time to time, I will post new info :)