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Terminal upgraded for GUI mode (Canvas fixed) 2016/08/19, 14:27:34

After debugging for many hours, I finally got the canvas implementation to work nicely. It is now possible to perform drawing on a free canvas from any application. This is implemented using shared memory between applications and the window server.

The new canvas implementation finally allowed me to add a GUI mode for the terminal!

Here's a little video of it in action. It's still a bit laggy though :o)


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  • Marco Cicognani 2016/11/21, 14:08:40

    Bello Max, i have a question for you...why vesa driver Can apply only 4:3 resolution?

    Thanks for the answer

    • Max 2016/11/24, 10:35:26

      Hello Marco,

      the VESA driver can only choose one of the available video modes. It chooses from the list of VBE video modes that the BIOS interface returns and selects the one that is closest to the configuration.


  • Hamidreza 2016/10/20, 02:23:30


    how do I open terminal at GUI ?

    I can only open a calculator to GUI


    • Hamidreza 2016/10/24, 08:35:27

      I do enter command "launch /system/launch/launch-ui"

    • Max 2016/11/02, 08:41:52

      Hello Hamidreza! In the current demo you can't start the terminal from the UI unfortunately. You would have to write your own script and put it on the ramdisk. A newer version will contain a script to let you do this though!

  • Marco Cicognani 2016/08/26, 07:11:10

    you are the best Max!! When you upload Canvas implementation?

    • Nicolò Altamura 2016/08/26, 12:43:21

      Hello Marco, I always follow this project on github:

      I hope It helps you

    • Max 2016/08/28, 08:58:48

      Hello Marco and Nicolo!

      Aw, thanks a lot for your motivation. :)

      The canvas implementation consists of two, parts. The client side:

      And the server side:

      Those two pieces of code work together to create the canvas.

    • Marco Cicognani 2016/08/29, 14:47:08

      I've seen the update, thanks, but the new windowserver don't start, and i've seen in the winsv code that requires new file for cursor from ramdisk...but you haven't updated the sysroot file.

      keep it up Max, you are the best

    • Max 2016/08/31, 17:19:51

      Oh! You're right, sorry for that. I just pushed the sysroot repository with the new files!

      Just curious: are you actually building Ghost on your own computer?

    • Marco Cicognani 2016/09/01, 04:19:46

      Hi Max, thank, i solved