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Rendering improvements and a calculator 2016/01/23, 14:15:43

I wrote a small calculator to test the UI interface of the window server. The application is all implemented in client side, using the API that the server provides.

It only does integer calculation at the moment though, because I was too lazy to implement strtod. :D Here's a little video of it in action. See the source code on GitHub to get an idea of how the UI API is used here.

The latest changes overall are a lot of improvements in the client-windowserver protocol, a login screen and some cleaning up in the terminal (occasional deadlocks fixed). Currently working on making the ramdisk filesystem writable to have a temporary storage, fixing the new scheduler implementation on multi-core systems (has some bugs), and then implementing a desktop application with nice little icons.


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    Julia is hot

  • 4rx 2017/04/10, 01:38:56

    Love the website-- very individual friendly and lots to see!

  • Gabriel Russell 2016/02/03, 11:57:02

    This looks really cool! Keep it up!

    • Max 2016/02/03, 16:00:35

      Thank you! I certainly will :)

    • Gabriel Russell 2016/02/03, 19:49:21

      Oh, btw, I thought I'd just let you know that I got here from the osdev wiki. I've been surfing it for the past couple weeks, and it looks like you got considerably farther than a lot of projects! Keep it up with the UI!

    • Max 2016/02/04, 01:16:02

      Ah, good :) To be fair, some of the projects on there are more advanced in other areas, but many get stuck somewhere too. I focus a lot on creating something that you can actually do something with and I feel a proper interface is very important. Also, I just love making UIs :D

      Feel free to join the if you like to get deeper into the topic!

  • J05h 2016/02/02, 01:14:12

    Oh this look very well, my friend.

    • Max 2016/02/02, 08:20:14

      Thanks mate!