Ghost Kernel

PCI device scanning, introducing 'kernquery' 2016/03/11, 21:55:25

Working on PCI, needed for using the ATA controller. One of the next bigger goals is hard drive support. PCI busses are now being scanned and the kernel stores information for all existing devices for later use.

I added interface named kernquery to the kernel. There are a lot of places in the system where various information from the kernel is needed. Creating a syscall for each one felt too bloaty, so I decided to add a kind of sub-interface that can be extended more easy and isn't that strict. It will be used for loading process information, process lists, get PCI device information and more.

Also implemented a small utility program kern which uses the new kernquery interface to print information. Here's a fancy listing of the PCI devices in the system:

(The little smiley on the bottom right is a bug lol)


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  • Ayan Agrawal 2016/03/22, 07:08:46

    That table looks awesome. That little smiley :D lol

    • Max 2016/03/22, 15:30:45

      Thanks haha! :D I fixed that smiley, it was a bug in the stdio buffering :P