Ghost Kernel

Meet MeetixOS, the first Ghost-derived OS project 2017/05/01, 14:22:49

Few days ago, a fellow programmer contacted me and revealed a project he has started:

MeetixOS - an operating system derived from the Ghost OS. It extends the kernel with some features and adds various applications.

It is nice to see what's possible with the kernel already and what the Marco was able to build on top of it. Great work!

I'm very interested to see which way this project will go and how we can collaborate together.

Keep it up!


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  • Markus 2017/08/23, 11:13:21

    Hey Max!

    what's going on with Ghostkernel? Didn't see any updates here for months. What are you currently working on?

    Best regards from Nuremberg


    • Max 2018/02/15, 05:02:16

      Hey Markus,

      check the latest update I posted!

      Best regards from Munich :)


  • THRASHER 2017/08/14, 12:19:50

    A very interesting OS project. Hopefully it will become in something bigger :)

  • MajickTek 2017/05/27, 07:57:43

    That is not the first... I started working on one 2 years ago... Think of other people please ;)

    • Max 2017/05/29, 16:24:11

      Hello MajickTek!

      Wow, that is cool! But how could I know about it, you never told me :-) If you send me some more information about it for example in an eMail, I can also feature you on here!

      Greets, Max

  • Latin S 2017/05/20, 04:38:53

    Very Cool!

  • Azeez Adewale 2017/05/19, 10:55:58

    This is a nice implementation of GHOST KERNEL. i love it , i am also working on an OS using ghost kernel