The project folder structure splits the main artifacts of the project in parts. The following tree tries to explain most of the important folders and their meaning.

  • /kernel

    • /src Main source directory of the kernel

      • /kernel Sources of the kernel

      • /loader Sources of the kernel loader

      • /shared Sources that are shared between kernel and loader

    • /inc Contains kernel & system headers. The ghost folder from here is copied into the system include directory when building libapi.

    • /iso Is the source directory when building the ISO image with GRUB

    • /extra Contains linker scripts

  • /libapi System call library

  • /libc Standard C library

  • /libuser Higher-level userspace library

  • /applications Contains userspace applications

  • /patches

    • /ports Small build tool and patches for various libraries that are portable

    • /toolchain Patches for binutils/GCC

  • /tools Tools used in the build process

  • /documentation Contains this documentation