Ghost Kernel

Ghost is a hobby operating system for the Intel x86 platform. The project is licensed as GPLv3. I started it to learn more about low-level software programming and operating system internals. The sources are available on GitHub.


The kernel and the userspace applications are written from scratch in C++ and Assembly (and some C). It is not based on any existing kernel. There is a POSIX.1 compatibility layer to simplify porting some software to the system.

  • Currently x86-based
  • Micro-kernel
  • Multi-processor (SMP) & multi-tasking support
  • IPC; pipes, messages, shared memory
  • libghostapi, kernel API library
  • Home-made libc
  • ELF binary & shared library support
  • OS specific GCC toolchain
  • C++ support
  • Window server (GUI with home-made toolkit)
  • VESA/VBE video driver
  • PS/2 keyboard & mouse driver
  • Serial COM1 kernel logging
  • VM86 mode for BIOS calls

About me

My name is Max and I'm a software developer from Bavaria, Germany. I started Ghost in 2014 because I wanted to gain knowledge about how operating systems work and what happens under the hood, and well - it's just fun to build something from scratch. The biggest sources of knowledge are the OSDev Forums and wiki and the LowLevel sites.

If you are interested in collaboration or have any questions, feel free to contact me at

Information in spanish (thanks to Leo).

- Max Schl├╝ssel